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What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? Solar Panel mounting refers to methods of which solar panels are secured into place. Whether you are looking for a solution for a pitched roof, flat roof or field there is a unique mounting system at hand. Different kinds of solar panel mounting allow for design flexibility, varied aesthetics, and greater solar generation. Here at Renew-Able Solutions we have years of experience installing various different Solar PV systems. Every project is unique, meaning that not one type of Solar Panel mounting system suits every solar project. In this blog we will explore the different kinds of solar panel mounting systems available, hopefully helping you find the perfect Solar mounting system for your solar project.  

What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? SOLAR PANELS FOR PITCHED ROOFS

What Type Of Mounting Is Correct For Your Roof?
What Type Of Mounting Is Correct For Your Roof?


By far the most common kind of solar panel mounting is an on-roof system. As the name suggests, the solar panels fix directly to the roof. On-roof solar panels, are a cost-effective solution. Providing excellent ventilation to your panels and optimal performance. When installing an on-roof solar system, metal hooks are drilled directly into the rafters of the roof. This involves sometimes removing and replacing some roof tiles. Vertical rails run across the hooks, to which your Solar PV panels are clamped onto. Finally, a weather proof seal is applied around the hooks for maximum protection.

Solar? In Roof Or On Roof?
Solar? In Roof Or On Roof?


In roof solar, or integrated solar panels are the ideal solution for new builds or anyone looking to re-roof there home. Many customers opt for an in-roof system because of the sleeker aesthetics. As the solar panel sit snugs within a tray, there is no space for birds to nest under and the panels appear flush with the rest of the roof. However, this does result in less air ventilation around the panels, resulting in a 5-10% lower efficiency.

On Roof Solar Panels On Metal Trapezoidal
What Type Of Mounting Is Correct For Your Roof?


If you are looking for a commercial solar solution, this type of solar panel mounting will likely be what you are looking for. Many commercial or out buildings have metal trapezoidal roof structures. Lucky for these customers, installing Solar PV onto a trapezoidal metal roof is one of the cheapest and fastest means of deploying solar panels. All in all, the panel mounting process for such a roof is very similar to that of an on-roof system. However, the rails are instead secured to the ridges of the metal roof by self-tapping screws. This keeps the Solar PV Panels very close to the roof, minimising any impact wind may have. What’s more, as these clamps have a rubber backing the system is waterproof.


Solar tiles are often considered the solar panel of the future. Unlike a traditional solar panel which is mounted on-top of your roof tiles, solar tiles replace your roof tiles all together. Seamlessly integrating solar technology into your property, without taking away from your home’s natural design. Although Solar tiles may look the part, their efficiencies aren’t quite on par with on-roof solar panel system just yet.
Many solar companies have tried and failed to make solar roof tiles work, however Tesla believe they have the answer. Find out more about the Tesla Solar roof.

What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? FLAT ROOF SOLAR PANEL SYSTEMS

What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? Flat Roof solar refers to the installation of Solar Panels onto a roof which is almost level, with a pitch approximately between 1-10 degrees. When it comes down to a flat roof solution, the main concern is usually how much weight the roof can hold. Here at Renew-Able Solutions we offer a variety of PV mounting Systems for Flat Roofs. After all why should only pitched roof properties benefit from Solar?

Renusol Roof Mount
Renusol Roof Mount


What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? Console bins are a high quality, low cost support structure that allow for the installation of solar panels onto flat roofs or grounds. Often made from 100% recyclable material, these plastic bins have a long lifespan and require no maintenance. They are easy to install, and provide cooling airways for the panels. The Renusol console bins are preset at a 15 degree angle, weighed down by ballast, soil, bricks or gravel to keep them fixed into place. The amount of material needed will depend on the height and location of the building. The solar panels then attach to the console bins using the mounting holes on the back of the module. They fit the majority of Solar panels on the market, and are a perfect solution for flexible placement.

East And West Solar Panel Mounts


What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? Although an East/West solar panel system works similar to a console bin solution, an East/West solar panel system can generate more power. This is because the solar panels lye back to back without any gaps between the rows for shading. In fact, according to German manufacturer Renusol, an east/west system can generate around 30 percent more solar power than south-facing systems. Making an east/west mounting system the perfect solution for flat roofs with limited space. Furthermore, by fitting the solar panels back to back, they are more air resistance and require less ballast to secure them into place.


What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? Suitable for flat trapezoidal roof structures, these metal triangular frames ensure that your solar panels are tightly secure. Screwed to the flat roof in the same way as a pitched trapezoidal roof, these triangular frames allow you to angle your solar PV panels for optimum performance. With a possible tilt angle from 5° to 45°.

South Facing Flat Roof Solar Panel Mounts


What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? South facing flat roof mounts are a rare solution. Yet offer security to home or business owners worried about penetrating their flat roof. In a south facing flat roof mount, the mounting frames are preassembled and placed onto aluminium feet. This allows for even spacing between the rows of solar panels to prevent shading. Once in place, the ballast is then placed on the frame underneath the panels, to hold it securely in place. Costly, a south-facing flat roof mount requires roughly ten times the ballast than an East/West system. The panels are then simply bolted directly to the frame, making them resistant to high winds.


What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? Ground Mounted solar is a great option if your roof is unsuitable for solar PV, and you have land available. In some instances you may have more land than roof space, so choosing ground mounted solar panels would mean you can generate more solar energy. Ground mounted Solar panels are usually a great mounting solution for those looking to go completely off-grid.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels On Console Bins


Renusol console bins are not just suitable for flat roof systems but ground mounted solar panel systems too! They allow for flexible placement and make it simple to manoeuvre the solar panels. As the solar panels are easy to access, and because the console bins are plastic they are easy to clean and maintain even on the dirtiest of solar farms.

Solar Panels On Metal Frames
What Type Of Mounting Is Correct For Your Roof?


What type of Mounting is correct for your roof? Often used in large scale commercial solar farms, solar panels that are installed onto metal frames are fixed above the ground at a set angled. The metal frame is usually set onto a concrete base or is pile driven into the ground to save on resources. Unlike ground mounted console bins, metal framed solar panel still make it possible for wildlife to live on the grounds. As they don’t consume the entirety of the ground area.


When it comes to installing a solar PV System, the type of solar panel mounting system may seem like a strange thing to consider. Yet, it is important to choose the correct solution. If you are a UK property owner, still unsure about which type of Solar Panel mounting system is right for your project, get in touch today! As MCS certified Solar Panel Installers, with over 12 year of experience, when you choose Renew-Able Solutions you know you are in safe hands. Call us today on 0131 210 0405 or click the enquire now button to talk to a solar expert!

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