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Since the invention of electric vehicles, the need for EV charging points has been growing. So, Renew-able Solutions becomes your go-to expert for seamless EV charging point installation Edinburgh, SCT. We provide the best charging units from leading brands like Zappi, Anderson, Hypervolt, GivEnergy, and Wallbox. Your home and business can enjoy an efficient, low-cost charging solution for your EV’s battery life and the environment.

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Mike Bell-Jack
Mike Bell-Jack
Excellent from system design through to installation… and beyond. At the start of the project the advice on system design/sizing was greatly appreciated as was the assistance obtaining the G99 approval, there is a definite desire to listen to the customer, understand their requirements and “to do it once and do it right”. Once design was agreed installation was relatively quick and professional (20 Solar PV Panels with optimisers, 5kw inverter and 9.5kwh battery). Some post installation technical issues were resolved quickly and efficiently with no fuss, a true measure of a quality installer. I am extremely happy with the system design & performance and would have no hesitation in highly recommending Renew-Able Solutions.
Jeremy Roebuck
Jeremy Roebuck
Myenergi Libbi battery - excellent service from start to finish, will use this business again and happy to recommend without hesitation
Susan Ritchie
Susan Ritchie
Reached out to Alan at Renewable because we were looking at saving energy & thought about getting a solar battery installed, since we already had solar panels. Batteries weren’t a thing when we originally got our solar panels and didn’t know whether we’d lose our FIT tariff if we changed/added to our existing system or what was compatible. One message to Renewable & Alan did the rest. Visited onsite & worked out exactly what size of batteries we’d need. Not like other companies offering certain sizes & one size fits all. Giving you either a battery too small for your needs or too big, needlessly costing you a fortune. We ended up getting our two inverters replaced with a hybrid so that we can make use of the cheap EV tariff’s to charge the battery from the grid during the winter when we don’t get enough Solar. This helps to keep our electricity costs down & any we don’t use we can sell back to the grid for more than we paid for it with the smart export tariff. It’s a Win Win helping to pay for the cost of the batteries. Installation was quick, clean & professional. The price was cheaper than we’d been quoted by other companies for much smaller batteries. Wished we’d gone with renewable to install our EV car charger at the same time but we made the mistake of getting the deal with Landrover when we exchanged our car for a plug in hybrid and we are still waiting for installation 3 months down the line. Can’t recommend Alan at Renewable highly enough for the excellent advice & support before & after installation. The Customer service is second to none
Brian Aitken
Brian Aitken
Having done my research and looked at numerous different companies and reviews I decided to go with Renew-able Solutions. Alan and the team were brilliant and answered all my questions and concerns before the start and actually came in cheaper than what the original quote was. They kept me informed throughout the process and installation. The pv panels and battery system were installed really well with no issues and are running perfectly. We decided on a GivEnergy inverter and battery system and this has ran faultlessly since installation and the amount of data that’s available has been fantastic. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company to install your solar then give Alan and the team a shout I’m glad I did.

Go Electric With Our EV Charging Points Installation Service in Edinburgh

With our specialized installation of EV charging units, we cater to both homeowners and businesses in Edinburgh, SCT. The best perk is that we provide various charging solutions, including standard level 2 chargers and high-speed DC fast chargers.

Home EV Charging Unit Installation

We have many options for all major EV models, including Tesla, BMW, Chevrolet, Toyota, and more. Plus, if your home has solar PV panels, we can link your EV charger to the National Grid and charge your EV for free. With our smart home charging technology, you can monitor your car’s energy consumption in real time, ensuring efficient usage.

Commercial EV Charging Unit Installation

We also install EV charging points at commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, warehouses, and car parks to support the fast-growing EV industry. From wall-mounted units to rapid chargers, we provide the best EV charging points in Edinburgh for your business fleet or customers. All of our commercial EV chargers are compatible with all major brands and come with features such as Wi-Fi, user access control, and usage monitoring.

Why Are We The Best Choice for Best EV Charging Point
Installation in Edinburgh?

Customized EV Charger Installations

We provide a variety of chargers from top manufacturers such as Zappi, Anderson, Hypervolt, GivEnergy, and Wallbox according to your needs. You can simply get a quote from us, and our expert PV charging points installers guide you in choosing the best charger that suits your needs and budget.

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Warranty & Longevity

We offer a 3-year warranty with our EV charging points installation in Edinburgh, SCT. Moreover, the robust design and high-quality materials ensure that your home or business charger has a longer lifespan. If you face any issues, we can assist you with quick and efficient solutions.

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Professional Installation

The basic thing that makes us stand out is our professional EV charger installers, who are PV-certified and have years of experience in the industry. With their expertise, they can provide safe and efficient installations for your home or business.

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Simple & Affordable Pricing

Our electric vehicle battery charger installation services come at a very reasonable price with upfront cost estimates and no hidden fees. It includes all the necessary equipment, wiring, fittings, and labor. Plus, with the efficient charging solutions we provide, you can save on electricity bills in the long run.

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3-Step EV Point Installation Process in Edinburgh

Step#1: Consultation

Reach out to us, and we will schedule a consultation to assess your specific EV charging needs, whether at home or at your business premises. You can also ask any questions or concerns regarding the installation process.

Step#2: Custom Quote

After that, we will evaluate your requirements and installation site. Then, we provide you with a detailed, no-obligation quote customized to ensure you receive the best value and functionality.

Step#3: Efficient Installation

Our certified Edinburgh EV unit installers will execute the charging point setup with minimal disruption, typically completing the process within half a day, and ensure the safety and optimal performance of your new charging unit.


The duration depends on your car’s battery size and the power of your installed charge point. Expect a full charge:

  • Plug-in hybrids (3.7kW): approx. 3 hours
  • Fully electric cars (7.4kW): approx. 10 hours for a 75kWh Tesla Model S

Charging rates are estimated at:

  • 3.7kW: approx. 12mph
  • 7.4kW: approx. 24mph

Certainly! We offer a Zappi charger to divert excess solar energy into your EV or a battery system to store solar power for evening/nighttime use.

We guide you in choosing the correct charger for your car based on its battery size and charging capabilities. You can also check online or consult your car manufacturer for recommended charging options.

EVs typically use two types of connectors: Type 1 and Type 2. The industry favors Type 2, but compatibility is ensured for both types with available chargers and adaptors.

The price for a 7.4kW charge point starts under £1,000, depending on the model. Installation costs may vary.

Typically, installations are completed within half a day, although some instances may require additional time based on the location and layout of your premises.

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