Heat Pump Installation Edinburgh, SCT

Warmth For Today, Sustainability For Tomorrow

Does your traditional heating system cost you a fortune? No worries! You can now enjoy both warmth and sustainability at budgeted cost. 

We offer premium service for heat pump installation Edinburgh, SCT, for homeowners, commercial property owners, and eco-conscious residents who want to switch to renewable energy. Let’s choose a two-in-one solution: heating and cooling at the same time.

Heat Pump Installation

Types of Heat Pumps That We Offer

Our heat pump installation service in Edinburgh, SCT, is not just about typical air source heat pumps. We provide a range of options to meet your needs. Here they are:

Air Source Heat Pumps

Our air source heat pumps are perfect for homes across the UK because of their high efficiency, low maintenance, and easy heat pump operation installation Edinburgh. They are the common type of domestic heat pump that works even in temperatures as low as -15 degrees C. These units extract latent heat from the air and boost it to a usable temperature that offers your home coziness during the winter and cooling in the summer.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Renew-able Solutions’s ground source heat pumps are an ideal option for heating and cooling large commercial units. By using underground pipes, they extract heat from the ground, then transfer it to a heat exchanger, which raises the water’s temperature. Our heat pumps are also a good option for locations where air temperature variations are extreme.

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps function almost the same as air source and ground source heat pumps. The only difference is that they extract heat from a body of water, such as a lake or river, instead of the air or ground. Our water source heat pumps in Edinburgh are a popular choice for properties located near bodies of water like Leith, Granton, and Portobello Beach or in areas with high groundwater levels.

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Quality Products

We at Renew-able Solutions provide only the best quality heat pumps for our customers. Our products are from top manufacturers, and we use high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and sustainability.

Best Quality Heat Pump
Profession Heat Pump Installation In Edinburgh, Sct

Professional Installation

Our skilled installers handle the process of the heat pump operation installation with precision and care. Regardless of the type, size, or location of your property, we ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

Profession Heat Pump Installation In Edinburgh, Sct

Customizable Heating Controls

We give you full control of your heating with programmable thermostat and timer settings. Our heat pump installers Edinburgh, SCT, configure the system to operate according to your schedule. They ensure year-round comfort and efficiency.

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Affordable Heat Pump Installation Edinburgh Sct

Affordable Heat Pump Options

We offer flexible and budgeted payment options for heat pump installation service. We offer air source heat pumps around £6,000 and £10,000, and ground source heat pumps around £13,000 and £20,000. A water source heat pump falls somewhere in the middle.

Affordable Heat Pump Installation Edinburgh Sct

Our Edinburgh Heat Pumps Installation Process in 4 Simple Steps

Step#1: Site Evaluation

We conduct a detailed site evaluation to determine the optimal location for your heat pump installation. So, we consider space availability and access to natural heat sources.

Step#2: Heat Pump Installation

With attention to detail, our installers install your chosen heat pump system. They ensure proper placement and integration with your existing heating infrastructure.

Step#3: Testing and Commissioning

After heat pump installation in Edinburgh, we test and commission the system to ensure everything is functioning superbly. With operational and maintenance instructions, we hand over the system to you.

Step#4: Post-Installation Support

Our commitment does not end with heat pump installation. You can count on us for ongoing technical support and maintenance for the long life of your heat pump.


The best heat pump for your home depends on the size of your house, insulation, and available space. Air source heat pumps are common and suitable for many homes. And, ground source heat pumps may be preferred for larger properties with outdoor space.

We usually take 3 days for air source heat pump installation and 5-7 days for ground source heat pumps.

The cost of replacing your current heating system with a heat pump depends on the type and size of your home. Our air source heat pumps typically cost between £6,000-£10,000, ground source heat pumps range from £13,000-£20,000, and water source heat pumps price are in between.

Modern heat pumps, especially air source ones, are generally quiet. While the outdoor unit may produce some noise during operation. Heat pumps that use ground source energy are a bit quiet because their main components are underground.

If you maintain your heat pumps properly then you can expect a longevity of almost 15-20 years.

To ensure effectiveness and efficiency of your heat pump, we provide regular maintenance checks. For any technical issue, we also provide repair services.


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