IS INSTALLING A WIND TURBINE WORTH IT – We delve deep into costs, maintenance and what you can expect.

Assessing whether installing a wind turbine is viable involves taking into account the wide range of factors that have been listed in the navigation panel to the left.

If the wind speed at the proposed site is less than 5m/s – which is likely to be the case around most urban and suburban properties – it is advisable to look into other renewable energy options Similarly, if the proposed site is not free from turbulence-causing obstructions such as trees, hills and other buildings, it is unlikely that it will be suitable for wind turbines.

Compared to other renewable energy sources such as solar PV and heat pumps, wind turbines require a large area on which to be built. Again, this is likely to preclude property owners in urban and suburban areas from installing pole-mounted turbines.

Wind Turbine System


In financial terms, the initial capital outlay associated with wind turbines is far higher than that of other renewable energy sources: a typical 5kW wind turbine system costs around £23,500, while a PV solar system of a similar power output can cost around £10,000.

Despite the high initial cost, however, well-placed wind turbines – particularly those in exposed coastal areas and which receive an average wind speed of above 6m/s – can generate a significant amount of energy and therefore present an excellent return on investment. This is down to financial incentives, such as greatly reduced energy bills and the Feed-in generation and export tariffs. What’s more, if you own a large area of suitable land, wind turbines may provide a significant source of constant income, and if you decide to rent your land, you will bear no financial liability.

IS INSTALLING A WIND TURBINE WORTH IT – An introduction to Wind Turbines

If you have been on the coast or in the country, chances are you will have come across those colossal white windmills, their blades turning slowing in the breeze. These wind turbines harness the kinetic energy of the wind and turn it into valuable electricity. The UK is an ideal place for such a renewable energy source and there are currently 185 wind farms in operation providing electricity to over 1.5 million homes.

Wind turbines have had their critics over the last few years, notably because of their impact on the aesthetics of the environment, but that hasn’t stopped the development of new fields to help meet renewable targets for the next decade.

The History of Wind Power

IS INSTALLING A WIND TURBINE WORTH IT. Since the beginning of civilised history, we have been trying to utilise the power of wind, in sailing ships or to power windmills to process grain and make it into flour. The first windmills reached England in the Middle Ages and the first turbine created to generate electricity was developed as far back as the late 19th Century.

In the 1930s they were fairly common on isolated farms in the United States, providing electricity before any national grid was formed. The rise of our dependence on fossil fuels dampened any further development over the years until we reached the present age where we are in dire need of renewable energies. In the last 20 years, the development of wind turbine farms has grown dramatically and, although it only currently provides around 1% of our UK energy needs, it is set to continue do so for the immediate future.  More on the history of wind turbines.


When people mention wind turbines it immediately brings to mind the huge wind farms dotted across the countryside or seen far out at sea. The truth is that there are quite a variety of wind turbines from vertical and horizontal axis arrays to roof mounted and free standing. Find out more about the different types of wind turbine.


Even with all its recent developments, the heart of wind turbine technology is still beautifully simple. Wind drives the blades, which turns a shaft in the neck of the turbine, which in turn feeds an electrical generator. The wind needs to be blowing at around 10 to 30 miles per hour and a 1.8 MW construction can produce electricity for about one thousand homes. Find out more about the workings of a wind turbine.

IS INSTALLING A WIND TURBINE WORTH IT – How much do Wind Turbines Cost?

Many people think the only option for generating their own electricity is to get solar panels but domestic wind turbines are starting to gain popularity. They are more suitable for remote locations for aesthetic reasons but a typical set up can cost between £1500 for a 1 kW system and £70,000 for 15 kW at the higher end of the market. Find out more about how much domestic wind turbines cost.

Finance Options for Wind Turbines

Finding the right source of finance for a big project such as a wind turbine can often be hard work. Fortunately, there are number of companies and a lot of advice available if you are going to take the plunge. Read our guide to finance options for wind turbines.

IS INSTALLING A WIND TURBINE WORTH IT – Wind Turbine Impact on Property Prices

One of the first things people want to consider is the impact on the price of their property. The other factor to think about is whether it would put some potential buyers off if you have a wind turbine. You may also want to check first whether you need to have planning permission to install either a pole or roof mounted wind turbine. Find out more here.

Is Installing A Wind Turbine Worth It
Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Investment Information

One of the main attractions of installing any renewable technology is the chance to benefit from the government’s Feed in Tariff whereby energy companies pay you for providing electricity or heat. Wind turbines are also eligible for this investment opportunity.

Electronics for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are more complicated electrically than they at first seem. There are a number of electrical parts that need to be connected and maintained over the years. These include isolation switches, generating boxes, inverters, and meters. Find out more about electronics for wind turbines.

IS INSTALLING A WIND TURBINE WORTH IT – Is my site suitable for a wind turbine?

Whether your site is indeed suitable for a wind turbine, either as a roof mounted installation or a free standing tower, is one of the big decisions you will need to make. Unlike other renewable technologies, wind power is not right for everyone. Find out whether your site is suitable for a wind turbine here.

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine


For smaller wind turbine systems it is possible to do a DIY installation but it requires a certain degree of ability and understanding of the electrical components. If you want to qualify for the Feed in Tariff then you will need to have a certificate from a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and you will also require a qualified electrician to connect your system and ensure that it complies with EU legislation. Find out more about building your own wind turbine.

How Long Does a Wind Turbine Last?

With few moving parts, a domestic wind turbine should have a life expectancy of around 20 years. Some manufactures claim that with proper maintenance their installation will last at least 30. Warranties offered are generally in the region of 10 years, so you need to consider the cost of ongoing maintenance when you decide whether you are going to opt for a wind turbine or not.

Renting Land for Wind Farms

One of the popular options at the moment is to rent your land for a wind farm. Many companies are looking for suitable areas to invest in and, if your wind speeds are up to the mark, it can be a profitable way to go.

Is installing a Wind Turbine worth it?

It’s one of the big questions that prospective buyers ask before they sign the contract. Installing a wind turbine comes with some caveats, but if you have the right site and the right product, you can make a significant amount on your initial investment. Find out if it’s worth installing a wind turbine.

Legal and Planning Permission for Wind Turbines

There are a number of legal and planning issues to unravel if you want to have a wind turbine installed.

IS INSTALLING A WIND TURBINE WORTH IT – Wind Turbine Installation Walk Through

It takes some work to install a wind turbine, whether you want it fitted to your roof or you are going for a free standing array.

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine

The Future of Wind Turbines

Wind turbines may start to change in the coming years, from the stark white columns we are used to seeing to more imaginative, and artistic, designs that blend in or complement the surroundings. It may be the case that art will come to the aid of the land-born wind farm.

Whatever developments are coming our way, there is no doubt that wind turbines are here to stay and are an important part of the country’s renewable energy strategy.

Certification bodies for Wind Turbines

Like most renewable technologies wind turbines are subject to certification bodies who ensure that you are getting the best quality service and a product that is fit for purpose according to EU and industry standards.

Warranty, insurance and maintenance for wind turbines (LINK)

If you have bought your wind turbine from a reputable installer or manufacturer you should have a warranty on it. But you also need to consider protection like insurance and the future maintenance of your installation. Find out more here.

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