GivEnergy All-In-One – Is this the battery for you?

The GivEnergy All in One is a one of a kind home battery and inverter – unrivalled for power and price point. Meanwhile, the Giv-Gateway protects supply and keeps properties running during power cuts.

The GivEnergy All In One AC coupled system has many advantages. With 6kW continuous peak power, the charge and discharge rate of these batteries helps better take advantage of agile tariffs. Alongside this, the system is complete with a substantial 13.5kWh useable battery pack and allows for 100% Depth of Discharge. 

With inbuilt isolator, CT clamp, metering, switchgear, and a gateway requiring no additional distribution board; there’s little to fit and minimal wiring.

Above all else, the all in one unit has a fantastic premium look and a good deal of capacity, at a very affordable price.  

On the 11th of December the UK Government announced that VAT will be scrapped on any installs of Home Battery storage from 01.02.2024 and we believe that this is the battery that most homes could use and we look at the compelling reasons here on why –

Power your home for a fraction of the cost

With a minimalist piece of kit, you can save up to 85% on your energy bills. And, in the process, you can drastically cut your home’s carbon emissions.

Givenergy Circle Illustrations Ev Charger
Givenergy Circle Illustrations Power Grid
Givenergy Circle Illustrations Renewable
Givenergy Circle Illustrations Solar System

The All in One stores energy from renewables, such as solar, wind, or hydro. Or, it can simply use the grid to charge overnight when energy costs are low. You can then use that stored energy to power your home cheaply, sustainably, and independently.

Invest in a premium home battery, at an attractive price

Your All in One will allow you to save money, live more sustainably, and become energy-resilient. But beyond the personal gains, you’re also getting your hands on world-class technology.

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With the option to connect multiple units, you can scale your energy storage capacity as your needs grow.

Givenergy Brand Illustrations Touchsafe


No messy wires, no hot parts, and no clutter. The All in One is touch-safe for the whole family.

Givenergy Brand Illustrations Modular


Robust but light. With its modular design, the All in One is built with easy handling and fitting in mind.

Givenergy Brand Illustrations Long Lasting


We use high-capacity, energy-dense cell chemistry that increases the life of your product.

Givenergy Brand Illustrations Weatherproof


Water resistant, installable indoors or outdoors, and durable enough to function between -10 – 55°C.

Givenergy Brand Illustrations Smart


With inbuilt smart algorithms, the All in One is primed for agile tariffs and smart grid trading.

Technical specifications

Givenergy All In One Front

All in One

A one of its kind home battery and inverter – unrivalled for power and price point. Primarily working as an on grid system, the All in One can deliver 7.2kW of peak power into the home on top of any solar generation.

  • 6000W nominal AC output power
  • 7.2kW @ 10s, 6.5kW @ 30s peak power
  • IP65 rating
  • Dimensions 1100H x 600W x 280D ( mm )
  • 12 year industry leading warranty
Givenergy Battery Storage Isolated Giv Gateway Front 1


A companion gateway enabling seamless switching between grid and battery, keeping you powered during outages. The Giv-Gateway also facilitates a connection point for solar PV systems, allowing continued energy generation even without a grid supply.

  • 18400W nominal AC power
  • Pre-installed energy meter
  • 20ms switchover time
  • Dimensions 410H x 370W x 190D ( mm )
  • 12 year industry leading warranty

Download Datasheet

GivEnergy Gateway

Givenergy Gateway
Givenergy All-In-One - Is This The Battery For You? 14

The GivEnergy Gateway allows you to add capacity to your existing All-in-One system to offer comprehensive home backup during power outages.

Enabling seamless transition between the grid and battery power, ensuring a constant power supply for your home. It also acts as a vital link for your solar PV system, allowing it to generate energy even without a grid supply.

Product Features:

  • Grid Services Ready – Take advantage of payments from energy suppliers by reducing your electrical consumption during specific periods.
  • Pre-Installed EM115 Meter – Speeds up the system installation process, requiring fewer individual components.
  • 20ms Switchover Time – Guarantees an uninterrupted power supply during outages, keeping all essential loads stable.
  • Built-In LoRa – Utilises radio frequency for seamless transmission of grid meter data to the inverter, allowing remote installation without the need for additional cables.

Please note that this product requires the main All-in-One unit, GIV-AIO-13.5, to function.

Upgrade your home’s power resilience with the GivEnergy Gateway, ensuring continuous energy availability in various situations.

From 01.02.2024 we are offering installations of this ground breaking home energy storage for only £6995! Get in contact with us today to get your personalised quote.

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