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EVBox Elvi 7KW EV CHARGER – High performance, low maintenance, and future-proof, EVBox Elvi offers an effortless home charging experience. Its modular design and simple interface make electric vehicle charging and installation easier than ever before. Intelligent and connected, Elvi provides you with real-time charging session insights plus remote control and monitoring.


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1 hourcharging time

37 60miles km


  • 7.4 kW
  • 11 kW
  • 22 kW


Designed for every electric car now, and in the future

Planning to buy another electric vehicle in the future? EVBox Elvi keeps up with your evolving needs thanks to its click-on features and modular design. This allows the charging cables and charging capacities to be easily upgraded to adapt to new vehicle requirements.​

  • Upgradable up to 22 kW
  • Compatible with every electric vehicle
  • Flexible with a fixed cable or socket-only version
Life Elvi Residential
Evbox Elvi Ev Charger


EVBox Elvi 7KW EV CHARGER – Making your life easier

Plug in the cable to charge, and unplug to drive. We keep it safe and simple, so you can enjoy the full performance of your electric vehicle with zero effort. More than just a charging station, EVBox Elvi can connect to any backend via OCPP to provide you with real-time charging session insights.

  • Can be set to autostart
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Automated reimbursement of charging costs
Evbox Elvi 7Kw Ev Charger
Evbox Elvi


EVBox Elvi 7KW EV CHARGER – Easy to work with

Installing and maintaining EVBox Elvi is quick and easy as it involves just three components: the wall dock, the station, and the cable (for the fixed cable version). Activate EVBox Elvi easily via the EVBox Connect app and set up your EV charging station quickly and accurately.

  • Modular design
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Low maintenance



  • Compatible with every EV on the market.
  • It comes in two colours polar white and misty black.
  • Tethered and untethered versions. (The units can be interchanged for future upgrades)
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Key card activation for security.⭐️
  • Type two plug on the front of the unit.
  • Dynamic load balancing. (which means it will adjust as demand in your home fluctuates with energy use so you don’t trip your main house fuse. This is also handy if you get a second charger as it ensures you don’t overload your supply)⭐️
  • Requires an earth rod. It is a European unit so has no earth.
  • Manual load balancing. (a great feature)⭐️
  • The unit comes in two-part. This is a great feature as you can replace or change the unit as it clips away from the backplate which is fixed to the wall.  In the future, you could upgrade the unit simply by unclipping and adding a new unit without the need for an engineer.⭐️
  • They do a solar option which is extra.
  • Compatible with smart charging.
  • Can set the maximum amp within the charger unit.⭐️
  • Remote diagnostic.⭐️
  • Can be set up for multiple users making it great for shared use ⭐️Hqdefault

Who is EVbox?

Evbox Ev Charger

Evbox is a Dutch firm established in 2010. They became a public company in 2021 when they expanded into Europe and North America.

What EV home chargers do EVBox offer?

The EVbox Elvi is the one unit that EVbox offers as an EV home charger.  It also offers commercial units which explains why their EV home charging unit can also multitask and offer multiple user options plus back-end billing. (making it suitable for landlords, shared dwellings, etc)

How does EVbox Elvi compare at price?

You can expect to pay around £550 installed with an OLEV GRANT.

EVBox Elvi 7KW EV CHARGER – What do other EVBox Elvi reviews say?

On Trustpilot EVBox currently has a score of 1.7 out of 5 stars. 87% of reviewers have rated EVbox as bad. Poor customer service and app.❌

What is the EVBox customer service like?

They seem to have an issue with reviews referring to a lack of support via the helpdesk. According to reviews, the helpdesk logs the calls and reverts to emailing replies which can be slow and cumbersome.❌

EVBox Elvi 7KW EV CHARGER – What is the EVBox website/app like?

The key thing to remember is there is no standalone app specifically for home charging. There is an EVbox app but it seems to linked to their website rather than being an intuitive app which many people expect.  It’s a little clunky and not that easy to navigate BUT it does have lots of extra features. Plus once you have set up your unit you will only really need to access it occassionaly. ❌

If you add credit card information on the EVbox app you can use your RF ID card to charge your EV at additional public units. You can have multiple cards and users attached to one account.✅

EVBox Elvi 7KW EV CHARGER – Does the EVBox Elvi offer smart charging?

Yes, it’s all set for smart charging.

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