Solar PV Installation in Edinburgh SCT

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Is your energy bill leaving you in cold sweats? Have you still not found a way to get off the grid? No worries! You are at the right place. Our renewable solutions for Solar PV Installation in Edinburgh are all set to make your life sunny and bright, minus the heavy bills. We can be your trusted partner with over 20 years of expertise and several happy customers under our belt. So why wait? Let’s go solar and set a new standard for energy efficiency.
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Our Comprehensive Solar PV Installation Services in Edinburgh

We provide a range of solar power solutions designed to meet the unique energy needs of Edinburgh, SCT residents. Our experienced engineers can help you devise a customized plan for your power requirements and budget.

Residential Solar Installation

Our Solar PV installers Edinburgh cover all residential properties, from flats to large houses. We begin by conducting a detailed energy audit to understand your consumption pattern and design the best solar power system for you. We handle everything from site inspection, paperwork, installation, and maintenance.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Our commercial solar PV installation Edinburgh offers various solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer site assessment, system configuration, and integration with seamless precision, by ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for commercial establishments.

Industrial-scale Solar Projects

For large-scale energy needs, Renew-Able Solutions excels in delivering industrial solar installations up to 50MW. Whether roof-mounted, ground-mounted, or solar carports, we provide a highly efficient and durable solar power solution for your commercial energy demands

Why Choose Renew-Able Solutions As Your Solar Properties
PV Installer in Edinburgh?

Proven Expertise & Ensure Quality Service

Our approach to solar PV installation is quality-centric, and our certified Solar panel engineers and installers are fully equipped with the latest technical know-how. From knowing about the best-suited equipment and technology to installation methods, we never disappoint you.

Ecoflow River Pro + 110W Solar Panel
Ecoflow River + Extra Battery Bundle

Customized Solar Energy Systems

We design and install customized solar energy systems for our customers. We offer solutions from 1kW to 50MW for domestic residences, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities.

Ecoflow River + Extra Battery Bundle

MCS Approved Installations

We are fully Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved, so we guarantee that our Edinburgh solar PV installation process meets the highest industry standards for quality, efficiency, and safety.

Ecoflow Delta Pro + 400W Portable Solar Panel
Ecoflow River + Extra Battery Bundle

Offers Return-on-investment

With Renew-Able Solutions, you can take advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee. You can export surplus energy back to the grid and benefit from financial incentives for your commitment to renewable energy. Isn’t it a win-win for you?

Ecoflow River + Extra Battery Bundle

Our 3-Step Solar PV Installation Process in Edinburgh

Step#1: Preliminary Site Visit

Before we kick start the installation process, the installers visit your site to assess its suitability for solar PV installations. During this phase, they also find out the energy requirements of your property and provide you with a detailed quote based on that.

Step#2: Installation Day

The team will come with all the necessary equipment on the decided day. Our qualified Edinburgh solar PV installers begin with installing the panels on your roof and then connecting them to an inverter that converts solar energy into electricity.

Step#3: Post-Installation Support

We don’t stop here, we also offer a post-installation support plan that includes regular maintenance, troubleshooting assistance, and performance monitoring to ensure the smooth operation of your solar PV system.


The average lifespan of solar panels is around 25-30 years, but they can last much longer with proper maintenance and care.

We recommend an 8-panel Solar PV system minimum that is perfect to fit on the roof of an average 3-bed semi. Our popular SunPower panels maximize energy generation per m2, which ensures more output with fewer panels.

If the solar PV system is within Permitted Development limits, there is no need to get planning permission in Edinburgh. But if your property is in a conservation area or has listed building status, you may require permission from the local council.

There are no moveable parts, the inverter is the primary component that may need replacement after 10 years. We highly recommend investing in our 20-year warranty, which starts at just £300. It is expected that the panels themselves will last for at least 25 years.

Solar panels generate electricity during sunlight and they do not provide continuous power throughout the day. However, if there are additional energy sources or a battery system in conjunction with solar PV panels then you can get rid of the power grid.

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