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by renewablecouk / on 21 December, 2023

UK Governments Climate Pledge

UK Governments Climate Pledge Renew-Able Solutions are a Scottish based installer of Green Renewable Energy and cover all areas of Scotland including PV Installer – Edinburgh & Lothians, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Dundee, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness. Our services include – PV Installers/installation, Home Battery
by renewablecouk / on 21 December, 2023

A Guide to the Best Solar Panels in 2024

A Guide to the Best Solar Panels in 2024 – If you’re thinking of switching to solar power, you’ll find there’s a lot of choice. This is good, especially during a recession – healthy competition means better products and lower prices – but it’s
by renewablecouk / on 21 December, 2023

AC or DC? Which one would work best for you

AC or DC? Which one would work best for you Solar batteries are becoming a popular addition to Solar PV systems, due to their long list of benefits. Including allowing you to power your home at night, and make further savings. 
by renewablecouk / on 1 November, 2023

We explore the best electricity tariff for home battery & EV owners

It’s now November and long sunny days exporting solar to the grid are long gone and you now want to know the best way to save money with your battery…….we explore your options with different suppliers. If you’re charging an electric car at home,
by renewablecouk / on 5 December, 2022

Cost of Living Crisis

Cost of Living Crisis Yes we are all aware of the cost of living crisis but why are prices rising so quickly and at their highest rates for over 40 years? Well there are many factors at play but the main reason that nobody
by renewablecouk / on 14 November, 2022

How much does Solar PV cost in 2022

✔ The average solar panel system for a three-bedroom house costs £5,920 ✔ Solar panels could reduce your annual energy bill by £522 ✔ VAT on solar panels has been cut from 5% to 0% for the next five years How much does Solar PV cost in
by renewablecouk / on 9 November, 2022

SunPower Maxeon 6

Are these the ultimate Solar Panels? Maximise your Solar Power Generation Enjoy more savings Sunpower Maxeon 6 AC panels have an Enphase Microinverter built-in. That means that each panel works as an individual unit. If one of your panels is shaded or has a technical issue,
by renewablecouk / on 7 November, 2022

Enphase IQ7A Micro Inverter -Is this greatest solar invention

IQ 7A The smart-grid-enabled Enphase IQ 7A™ microinverter is the high-performance version of the seventh-generation IQ platform and is designed for 60-cell/120 half-cell and 72-cell/144 half-cell modules. Like the IQ 7, IQ 7+ and IQ7X models, its polymer housing and revolutionary wiring system simplify installation.
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